25 Dec 2019


Pre-made gluten free puff pastry sheets for the base and for the sides (defrosted).


3 Large green apples (peeled, cored and sliced thinly)

1/3 cup coconut sugar

1/3 cup corn starch

1 tsp Vanilla powder

3 eggs

½ cup nuttelex (melted)

1/3 cup Bonsoy milk

 2 T...

28 Feb 2019

This is a simple custard recipe that is high in protein and fibre and is delicious and creamy whilst not taking very long to make. A winner for kids and adults that are looking for a porridge or pudding substitute that is more supportive to your body than our conventio...

28 Feb 2019

This is a great pancake recipe which is flour free, refined sugar free (it's naturally sweetened with the bananas) and high in quality protein to support blood sugar levels. It's a great breakfast for kids as well as adults weaning off the classic western pancakes full...

23 Oct 2018

This is a light and lovely desert to finish off any meal with a gourmet twist. Super simple and quick to make with health ingredients to top everything off. Originally shared by a family friend, it has now been adopted in our family as a favourite!


  • 2 pu...

23 Oct 2018

Some of my clients have been asking me for vegetarian deserts made with tofu as they are not so familiar how to cook with it, so here is one that is a little indulgent dare I say...trial it out and enjoy the flavours as well as the nutrients as it is rich in protein....

10 Sep 2018

A favorite for birthday parties...and coconut flour is a flour that does not tend to spike blood sugar levels so is better than your gluten free flours when it comes to weaning out of using flours in general. It is quick and simple to make and full of protein from the...

10 Sep 2018

This is a twist on an earlier recipe of Banana Bread...
Essentially the recipe is the same, but has carob added to it to give it a more chocolate like look and taste and instead of a cake, it is made into muffins.


  • 2 medium size or 3 small bananas

  • 2...

10 Sep 2018

This is a quick recipe to make a home made version of slushy style ice-cream which is gluten free, dairy free and super yummy and refreshing. You need a little bit of planning ahead in order to freeze some of the ingredients, but other than that it is super quick and e...

10 Sep 2018

This is a ridiculously easy recipe that is surprisingly healthy in its ingredients. And hence it is one of those recipes that is a healthier version of a sweet treat - if you are going to go for some sweet treats at least this one is gluten free, dairy free, grain free...

10 Sep 2018

Sometimes we crave a sweet treat, and though it is important to look at why we are craving it in the first place, it is good to have a few “less damaging” options to reach out for if you are going to have it anyway. This coconut white chocolate is a simple recipe which...

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