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Colds, coughs and flu PART 2

Are they a “Nuisance” OR a free Detox and Re-boot for the body?

Previously, in our article on colds, coughs and flu Part 1, we shared how important it is to listen to your body and UP the efforts in the self-care department particularly when the body is communicating to us through being sick all too often.

Being sick all too often means that our body is run down – and this is not a good sign.

But then there is the flip side of the coin too. Someone can boast about never getting sick and never getting a cold, but this too should ring warning bells! Our immune system is an amazing and complex array of cells and molecules working together through various pathways and to do their job properly they need to keep active in just the right amount. If we don’t get sick then the immune system does not get its usual re-boot and can get a little out of balance. So not getting sick is also not a good sign!

So what are we actually saying here?

The immune system loves to do its job and to do it properly. So when the body is supported in its activities and is well, it is normal to get a cold once or perhaps two times per year – commonly around the season’s changes. You know, one of those colds that really gets you down, but then you feel a million dollars afterwards! This is like a reboot of the immune system, priming it for the season or the year ahead, and at the same time it is like a free detoxification of those choices that we have made that have not been that supportive to us.

And especially considering the times that we are now living in with the COVID-19 awareness, we know how important it is that our immune system is working well.

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we look at tips to support yourself through being sick…

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