Nutraviva Marine Collagen 280g

Nutraviva Marine Collagen 280g


Product Details

NesProteins MARINE COLLAGEN has a very low molecular weight and is optimised to stimulate collagen metabolism and increase the production of collagen synthesis. This makes it ideal for beauty improvements such as firmer, smoother looking skin with few lines, stronger nail growth and healthier hair.


NesProteins MARINE COLLAGEN also supports:

  • Exercise and injury recovery
  • Inflammation and pain reduction
  • Healthy bones and joints
  • Protein supplementation


Marine Collagen is highly regarded in the beauty industry for re-hydrating skin, protecting against UV light, restoring fine lines around the eyes, for beauty, including healthier hair, more youthful skin and stronger nails. It can also help support the reduction of cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks.

Taken twice daily, NesProteins Marine Collagen helps your body heal and restore collagen levels specific for beauty.


NesProteins MARINE Collagen is sourced from wild-caught, deep sea, red snapper which are sustainably harvested throughout the Pacific Ocean. The skin of the fish is then processed in our facility located in Japan. The result is a premium Marine Collagen that is tasteless, odourless and indiscernible when combined with water.


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