September 10, 2018



Such a simple recipe to do and you can also do this with chicken if you prefer. Sometimes we get used to the convenience of buying frozen crumbed fish and chicken for kids meals, but though it is quick and easy to make, the ingredients are never as healthy and supportive as the home made deal. Pre-made foods are often high in sugar and salt content and also high in pro-inflammatory oils that contribute to the development of various inflammatory pathways and hence illness and disease. Once you have all the ingredients ready it does not take that long to prepare, and you and your kids will appreciate the effort and whenever we do this, the foods actually feed you right back - an amazing experience to have, and a great way to involve the whole family in the cooking process.



  • Fish cut into fingers - use a firm white fish flesh that will not break down or crumble in the cooing process

  • Gluten free crumbs

  • Gluten free all purpose flour

  • 2 eggs



Place the eggs in one bowl and whisk them well. Place the gluten free all purpose flour in another bowl. Place the gluten free crumbs in another bowl ready for use. Prepare a large skillet (frying pan) by pouring in about 1cm of Sunflower oil and then heating it up thoroughly (be very careful to not burn yourself).  Take each fish piece and and roll it in the gluten free flour first and then dunk it completely in the whisked eggs so it is covered, and finally roll it in the gluten free crumbs (you can use hands or tongs for this) before dropping it onto the hot skillet for frying. allow to cook for a few minutes (cooking time will vary depending on the size of the fish pieces). Once cooked through, pull out of the frying pan and place the piece to drain off any excess oil on a rack with paper towels. Then serve it up - enjoy with some vegetables and a home made Aioli dipping sauce!

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