Ever wondered how to get that nice crispy outside of the fish but then the tender and moist inside? Well here is a fried fish recipe that delivers this texture and amazing taste - inspired from a Vietnamese dish by a dear friend of mine. We all know that deep frying is not the most healthy way to eat our foods, however, when done with the right and fresh oils and only consumed on occasion, it is something to still enjoy. This recipe also fries the fish only very briefly and you can use coconut oil or sunflower oil (the latter being less healthy but a lot cheaper). Also no need to use too much oil in the process - as you can do this in a wok to allow the surface area for frying several pieces at once. But do be careful as hot oil can burn badly - so handle with care and be present with you cooking at all times!


  • Cooking oil - Sunflower or Coconut oil

  • Spices of your choice (I use the L'Alchimiste Persian spice blend or the L'Alchimiste Merguez spice blend)

  • Fresh fish (firm flesh that does not crumble - you can try white or pink fish such as flat head, snapper etc or even try with salmon)


Cut up the fish into finger size pieces and roll in your preferred spices. Heat up the oil in a wok/pan till very hot but not boiling. Drop the fish pieces into the oil and allow to sizzle for a minute or two before pulling out to drip dry on a paper towel. Check to see if they are cooked through and you will get an idea of how long to cook the pieces (cooking time varies depending on the heat of the oil, the size of the pieces and the type of fish flesh). Then serve up immediately with home made sea weed salad and home made chilli and pesto sauces and a twist of lime of lemon. Mouth-wateringly yummy!

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