February 20, 2019








Broccoli Mince Cooked. This is a super simple and quick to make recipe that is far easier to digest than raw broccoli mince, hence far more tummy friendly for most people.



You just need 2 broccoli heads, olive oil and...yes I did it again: I used the Vitality spice mix (of course you can use any curry mix you like or a combo or other dried herbs and spices - the combinations are endless).



You will need to mince the broccoli heads (leave out the stems if you like for a 'cleaner' look to the mince) - mince them with your food processor until about the size of rice grains, and then just heat a frying pan with olive oil and fry the mince with spices till soft and fragrant. Serve warm as a side with some fish, chicken or meat or use as a base in replacement of rice dishes. You could call this dish broccoli-rice as it is a copy if a Cauliflower-rice dish I have seen (minced cooked cauliflower). Enjoy!

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