February 28, 2019






For those of you looking to replace rice in your diet, here are a few ideas for making rice free sushis:



  • You can use Amaranth seed or Quinoa seed and cook it up like rice. Or alternatively you can also make it with cauliflower 'rice'. Cauliflower rice is simply when you mince raw cauliflower till it resembles rice and then give it a gentle fry to soften it up slightly. When you have 2 cups of cooked Amaranth, Quinoa or Cauliflower Rice you are ready to make your sushis. 

  • 1- 2 Tbsp Macadamia butter

  • Roasted Nori sheets (the sushi wraps)

  • sushi filling -  ingredients of your choice such as cucumber slivers, carrot slivers, mashed tuna with mayo - your imagination is your limit here!  



Mix the macadamia butter with the Amaranth/quinoa or cauliflower rice well to make it more sticky (the Amaranth tends to be most sticky naturally and may not need much macadamia butter but the Quinoa and the cauliflower rice may need more 'stickiness' added to it. You can also use Tahini to increase the stickiness.  Then spread this rice-free rice on the edge of the Nori sheet, place your fillings in the middle and roll it up, sealing the edge with some water (run a wet finger on the edge of the Nori sheet and press it shut). Using a sharp knife, slice the sushi roll up into bite sized pieces and serve up as a simple and nutritious snack or as a meal.

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