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Henrietta Chang

Naturopathy, counselling, body therapies


Two main qualities that Henrietta brings consistently to her clients and sessions are an unwavering focus and absoluteness to the body and its communications via physical and mental symptoms, blood test results and other investigations. She holds a deep care and warmth as she explores what is called for to bring healing and balance back to the body in a down to earth and practical way. Never is it about fighting what the body communicates, rather it is about listening to the body and heeding its call, supporting it to heal. The body naturally brings itself back to balance or homeostasis - our 'job' is simply to tune into how we can support this process by removing any potential barriers and accelerating the return to our natural harmonious state of being.

In addition, Henrietta considers herself a science geek of sorts with her love for nature, the human body and how it functions on a macro and micro scale. Her love for biochemistry and its applications in health is key in her connection with people and supporting in their re-turn to true well-being.

Henrietta also has a very cheeky sense of humour... She enjoys spending time at home with her husband, son and dog, whom she uses as test subjects for her experimental food and herbal tincture and tea recipes. 


She is also involved in various community groups and donates her time and expertise to women’s health groups offering support in aged and palliative care, and cooking/nutrition forums.  Henrietta also enjoys having a chat with visitors to her clinic in one of 5 languages!

Read more below on Henrietta's academic background, and therapies that she practices...

Academic background and qualifications

Henrietta Chang BaBiol, BaNat, MaApplSci, Dip RM, Dip Counselling

Henrietta was born in Helsinki, Finland. She attended the University of Geneva in Switzerland for her undergraduate degree in Biology with a focus on Biochemistry, Immunology and Botany which she completed in French. She then moved to Australia in 1998 to complete a Masters of Applied Science in Townsville and later obtained a Bachelors Degree of Naturopathy at Southern Cross University in Lismore where she was awarded top of the class for excellence in the area of Nutrition.

Henrietta has many years of experience as a complementary health practitioner (since 2001) and has a special interest in the care of medically complex patients using the combined modalities of:

  • Naturopathy

  • Nutritional Biochemistry


To complement this, Henrietta is also a fully qualified body practitioner for:

  • Remedial Massage

  • Relaxation Massage

And more recently since the beginning of 2021, Henrietta is offering:

  • Counselling session



She offers in-person, face-to-face sessions or online sessions for Naturopathy and Counselling and works with clients both nationally and internationally, with a clientele base reaching out to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Europe, UK, Canada and USA.

She is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and the Australian Counselling Association (ACA).


In addition to her own clinical practice, Henrietta works at Southern Cross University as a tutor/lecturer for various health and naturopathy units and as a clinical supervisor for the naturopathy clinic for final year students. She also works as a trainer and assessor for a private college teaching the Diploma course in Remedial Massage on many of the college campuses including Townsville, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Launceston. She has also worked with Southern Cross University as a course writer and assistant lecturer in various biomedical science and naturopathy units, and sporadically also acts as a mentor for students of Nutritional Medicine from various colleges around the country. 

Most importantly, Henrietta combines her considerable knowledge and experience with unwavering dedication and deep care to her clients and the wider community.  She brings authority and attentiveness that leaves “no stone unturned” when working with clients and often works closely with doctors, medical specialists, psychologists, counsellors and physiotherapists to ensure the highest level of care for her patients. 

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