Philosophy of the Alchemist


L’ Alchimiste is translated from French to mean “the Alchemist” or one who practices alchemy.  Alchemy is known in folklore as the age-old practice of transforming base metals such as lead, into gold. As with most fables, the truth lies not within the face value of the story, but within the analogies and origins of the practice.  True alchemy understands the science of consciousness.  The transmutation of lead to gold is an analogy for our conscious development, with lead representing our denser choices as impulsed by the consciousness of the spirit and gold representing the consciousness or light of the soul. The alchemy or transformation is in what consciousness we choose to operate from and bring the body alive with. An alchemist is thus, one who dedicates their life to initiating or developing the light of the soul in themselves and others and to walk this as a lived way of being.  


Our healing modalities are based on the esoteric philosophies and complementary health practices of Universal Medicine. At its foundation is the principle that within every human being lies a divine spark that cannot be sought from the outside but must unfold from within.  It is our choices and the energy behind those choices that either buries this spark in a fog or unveils it to be expressed in all aspects of life including our health & well-being, relationships, and prosperity. Esoteric healing modalities such as: Esoteric Healing, Chakrapuncture, Connective Tissue Therapy and Esoteric Massage are all configured to support the development of energetic awareness of the client. Naturopathy, as well as Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage also support in this regard. This awareness, in turn offers an opportunity for the client to change the Will or consciousness within themselves, that is the root cause of un-supportive life choices (diet, relationships, addictions, etc).  


L’Alchimiste places an absolute dedication to the alchemy in your life.  Everything from the products in our apothecary to the modalities offered are chosen and configured to support this unfolding of the gold within us all. 


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