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A background of our

Philosophy & Principles

The way of Alchemy

L’ Alchimiste is translated from French to mean “the Alchemist” or one who practices alchemy.  Alchemy is known in folklore as the age-old practice of transforming base metals such as lead, into gold. And, as with most fables, the truth lies not within the face value of the story, but within the analogies and origins of the practice. True alchemy, has all to do with the unseen forces, and is far greater in its powers of transmutation of prana (a dense form of divine energy) into fire (our natural source), fire being the equal source of our innermost essence or soul. 

The transmutation of lead to gold is an analogy for our return to soul, with lead representing our denser choices as impulsed by the consciousness of the spirit, and gold representing the consciousness or light of the soul. The alchemy or transformation is in what consciousness or source of energy we choose to operate from and bring the body particles alive with. An alchemist is thus, one who dedicates their life to alignment with the One Soul, allowing this true source to move them and hence inspire others likewise, imprinting this as a way of living with its inevitable transmutations back to our true origins.  

Philosophy of the Modalities

At its foundation is the principle that within every human being lies a divine spark that cannot be sought from the outside but must unfold from within.  It is our choices and the energy behind those choices that either bury this spark in a fog or unveils it to be expressed in all aspects of life including our health and well-being, relationships, work, finances and so much more.


The complementary therapies that Henrietta practices, such as naturopathy, nutrition, counselling as well as remedial and relaxation massage, align with this founding principle, by first bringing the awareness to the physical body. This awareness of and from the physical body, in turn offers us an opportunity to make more caring choices and hence changes in our way of living. It is the over-riding of the body communications and the chosen lack of care and understanding of these communications which is part of the root cause of any un-supportive life choices such as un-supportive diet, high levels of stress, addictions, relationship issues to name a few. 

At our clinic, the Alchimiste, we place an absolute dedication to reflecting true alchemy in your life. The products from the apothecary and the modalities offered, are chosen to support in various stages of this unfoldment and expression of the gold that lies within us all. 

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