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Natural Medicine Clinic and Apothecary


L’Alchimiste is a natural medicine complementary health clinic and old-world herbal apothecary located just minutes away from Lennox Head and Byron Bay on the outskirts of Ballina, Northern NSW Australia. 

We represent the way of true alchemy. This means we do not turn lead into gold, rather we work with you to unfold and reveal your innermost essence and vitality, the gold that lies equally within us all.


L’ Alchimiste is translated from French to mean “the Alchemist” or one who practices alchemy.  As mentioned above, alchemy is known in folklore as the age-old practice of transforming base metals such as lead, into gold. And, as with most fables, the truth lies not within the face value of the story, but within the analogies and origins of the practice. True alchemy, has all to do with the unseen forces, and is far greater in its powers of transmutation of prana (symbolic as lead) into fire (symbolic as gold), the latter being the equal source of our innermost essence, and this transmutation happens through the discarding of what does not belong and thus the the unfolding our our true nature and way of being. 

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Meet Henrietta Chang

Naturopathy, Body Work & Counselling

Two main qualities that Henrietta brings consistently to her clients and sessions are unwavering absoluteness as well as divine dedication to the body and its communications through its particles. She holds deep care and warmth as she explores what is called for to bring healing and balance back to the body in a down to earth and practical way.


"Never is it about fighting what the body communicates, rather it is about listening to the body and heeding its call, supporting it to heal." - HC


The body naturally brings itself back to balance or homeostasis - our 'job' is simply to tune into how we can support this process by removing any potential barriers and accelerating the return to our natural harmonious state of being.

Why Naturopathy, Body Therapies and Counselling?

They can help with


Reducing stress and correcting an inappropriate diet can relieve digestive discomforts and issues.


Fatigue can be due to various causes - the why leads to the how of treating it.


Detoxification done correctly restores the body's natural vitality

Women's Health

Women's natural nurturing qualities can be harnessed to nurture and care for ourselves equally as much as others - this is the needed return in the balance for many health issues.

Weight Loss

We all have a natural weight, shape and size that comes with a settlement within.


Stress is natural but how we handle it is key to flavouring our experiences in life.



"Henrietta is an amazing practitioner, she holds her clients in such a loving, caring way that they can settle and allow their natural healing process to occur. I was so at ease by her tender touch and care I went into a very needed deep sleep and today ( after yesterday’s treatment ) I am far brighter and ready to return to my normal activities, I highly recommend Henrietta to anyone who needs physical, emotional and or energetic support."

- Kate -

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