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Colds, coughs and flu Part 1

Are they a “Nuisance” OR a free Detox and Re-boot for the body?

This is the time of coughs colds and flu… So here we are smack bang in the middle of winter – and yes Northern Rivers Australian winters are relatively mild, but we do get the cooler temperatures and the chilly winds not to mention the sudden drops in temperature once the sun is gone, and this can be a real chiller. Meanwhile, life goes on with our juggles and challenges amongst the changes in season. And this can be a test on our immune systems….And we can get sick…a cold, a cough or perhaps even the flu. Whilst it is never fun to feel ‘under the weather’ and we can want to ‘ward it off’, ‘hit it on the head’, or just “get rid of it’ as fast as possible, it is worth stopping to ask what is actually happening. The reality is that most of us do not stop to listen to the body unless something like an illness or disease brings us to a halt. And so when we do get sick, it certainly slows us down. But how often do we really stop to ask what is going on? And to listen to the body? Is sickness so bad? Initially, it might appear that our immune system has ‘lost the battle’ when we get sick, and often we feel that our body has failed us in some way. But is this really the case? Most illness and disease has some form of stress as a precursor – a stressful event (perhaps even traumatic), lack of quality sleep, too many late nights, too much excitement, not enough quality foods, rigidity in our movements etc. And as a result, the nervous system can be thrown off balance, and with enough of this happening consistently, the immune system can have a wobble and then we open ourselves up to an opportunistic bug or virus. So…if we are actually feeling a little ‘run down’, could it be that we have been responsible for this? And is the illness an opportunity to revise how we have been living and the choices we have been making? What a simple blessing in disguise if this is indeed the case…. So if you do find yourself getting sick and especially sick all the time, have a gentle look at how you have been living and what you could change. Your body is really trying to communicate something here to you. And my suggestion is not to ‘wish away your cold or cough’ but simply to see it as a message for you to learn to take more care of yourself. Getting sick all the time means the message is not quite getting through and the body is in need of support. One way you can support yourself is with supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc – come in and have a chat with us to see which forms suit your body best. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we explore if it really is that healthy to not get sick…

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