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Colds, coughs and flu PART 3

Tips to support yourself with the seasonal lurgies…

In ‘Coughs and Colds and Flues’ Part 1 and Part 2 we talked about looking after yourself and your body and how this can impact your immune system as well as how getting sick has its purpose. In this Part 3 of the series, we will explore some practical ways to support yourself when you are unwell with a cold or a cough or a flu. And this is very much relevant in current times, considering the presence of COVID-19.

So, here are some basic and simple, yet powerful ways to up the ante in the self care department when you are unwell:

  • Rest, rest and rest some more, especially when your body is tired or you feel you need it! This is really one of the best medicines for your immune system that you can prescribe for yourself! Go to bed early, sleep in if you need to, and have a nana nap in the day if you can.

  • Ensure you are hydrated with warm fluids (herbal teas with no caffeine and water are really the best friends) as this will help with flushing out toxins and speeding up recovery time. Best to stay away from cold drinks and foods. L’Alchimiste stocks a therapeutic tea range to warm you from the inside out – have a look on our online shop, and especially at our Althea tea which has been specifically designed to support the respiratory system.

  • Eat if you are hungry, but have healthy and easy to digest foods (such as soups, broths and cooked vegetables and fish or slow cooked meats) – you want to feed your immune system but not overload your digestive tract with too much work! Check for FREE recipes on our Website under the Cuisine tab.

  • Have a bath and add some Epsom salts – these will help you relax and soothe aches and pains, as well as calm the nervous system and assist with the detox. L’Alchimiste carries a selection of Therapeutic Bath salts that have been designed to cleanse, rejuvenate, and regenerate the body.

  • If you do not have a bath, have a hot shower using a dash or two of Eucalyptus essential oil in the shower as an inhaler – this is fantastic in clearing the nose and supporting the lungs.

  • Some essential vitamins and minerals that support the Immune system include Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin D. And there are many supportive herbs that can boost immunity and speed up recovery time – but be careful as these may not suit everyone (consider other mediations, allergies, pregnancy etc). Contact us for some advice with quality products taken in the right amounts to support you and your body.

  • Get some support if you need it – see the GP if you are not feeling well and are not recovering quickly. If you are unsure about seeing them, see them anyways – it is best to get it checked out than have more complications or a longer recovery.

The above point are simple points with common sense applied, and yet so many of us can over-ride them and soldier on instead of resting, rehydrating and replenishing. So this is a gentle reminder to listen to your body and take gentle care – you are well worth it!

And check out this article that further explores the healing that comes from being sick.


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